I am a writer as well as a photographer.

I have been writing for more than three decades for a wide variety of publications and clients. In an earlier life, I was a magazine editor. Most of my work back then was related to water sports and I still work with a client from that segment of the sports industry, but I have written everything from feature articles to video scripts to catalog copy to search advertising ads to executive blogs. During the past few years one of the projects I worked on was the app HearHear, for which I wrote narratives to be included. I have also written summaries of academic papers for Lemelson-MIT. I am currently working on two wildlife conservation projects. 

In recent years I have published locally in our weekly town newspaper, Skagit Valley tourism promotions and the Skagit Farm to Pint brewers' association. I am also able to provide photos to accompany my stories. 

Below are a few links to recent stories.

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I also write much of the copy used by Centurion & Supreme Ski Boats, maintaining a client relationship I have had with people I have known for thirty plus years. 

I can write in various voices, from casual to authoritative. I am most interested in projects that tell good stories and I don't do technical writing. You can also check out my blog to see more samples.

My interests are wide ranging - from regional history, local culture to conservation and nature. 

Although I have lived on the west coast for most of my adult life, I grew up in the deep South and still have ties there. In 2019 I was invited to write a personal essay as part of a larger project about growing up during a challenging time in the South. This is my personal essay about that experience:

Academy Stories: As if My Class Had Been Lifted, Mostly Whole, from the Public System

More than anything, I love to tell stories - with words and pictures. 


And here is a recent story for which I provided photos, video and captions:

Washington's Runaway Snow Geese